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The Rolf Burds

 Scott and Carolyn Burd - Certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners providing service n Boulder and Denver!

Customer Testimonials

"I have had a bad back for over 10 years and most of the time its hard to get out of bed. I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture and massage with no results. Rolf SI is the best thing I have ever done for it. I highly recommend The Rolf Burds.."

- Michael F.


I've been working with Scott and Carolyn at The Rolf Burds for about a year now. They are both fantastic Rolf SI Practitioners and have helped me resolve issues with my neck and shoulders. I had heard about Rolf Structural Integration for years but didn't try it until I saw it on Groupon. The first visit was amazing. I went on to complete the 10 series treatment and loved the results. Since then, I've been returning for visits as I injure myself or start to notice issues. Each session has been so beneficial. I love the technique and couldn't ask for better providers. Both Scott and Carolyn are very knowledgeable and offer good insight/tips how to prevent future issues. 
Highly recommend them!

- Rhonda K., Firefighter/Nurse


This has been my first experience with Rolf Structural Integration. I worked with both Carolyn and Scott. They are equally qualified with their skills and very comfortable to work with. I have been doing dental hygiene for almost 32 years and my body has certainly suffered from repetitive motion and sitting positions. After a few visits (I did the 10 series) I feel greater range of motion and more flexibility. Before starting Rolf SI I thought surgery for my left shoulder was in my future and now the pain is gone. I would highly recommend The Rolf Burds. I feel so much better!

- Kris S., Dental Hygienist