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The Rolf Burds

 Scott and Carolyn Burd - Certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners providing service n Boulder and Denver!

Scott’s Story

Do I know pain?   Yes!  

Do I know what the pain feels like in your body?  No!   

Nobody knows what it feels like to be in your body and experience the chronic pain, trauma, and nagging injuries that you’re feeling, except you! 

What I can do is relate, have compassion and empathy for your situation.

I know what its like to have your quality of life, family, work, activities, and sleep all affected by the pain you’re experiencing in your body. 

This is me in April 2007!  

Yes, I know pain!  

While out on a fun mountain bike ride with friends, as I began going downhill on the trail, suddenly the left side of my carbon fiber handlebars snapped. I was doing about 27mph down the hill and clipped in tightly to my bike via my pedals as I tumbled head over heels for 3 full rotations before the bike finally disengaged. Once I stopped tumbling and the dust settled, I was left with 4 compression fractures of the spinous process of my T4, T7, T12 and L1 vertebrae, along with 2 broken ribs on the left side of my back and my left clavicle was also snapped in half! 

My friends took me to the ER, where I waited for over 4 hours, before receiving any treatment to help with the excruciating pain I was in.  Why?   

Well, the hospital had to go through its proper protocol of doing multiple X-rays and diagnosis to confirm injuries, before they could administer any treatment.  After four different trips downstairs for X-rays and just when it appeared they were finally gong to give me some tylenol or something to help relieve the pain, the doctor came in and said they needed to do an MRI first.  Why?  

Apparently, one of my broken ribs in my back had been pushed in so far, that they were concerned it had potentially punctured my aorta, which would mean I was potentially bleeding out.   Wow...let’s do that MRI....now!!   

They did the MRI and thankfully this wasn’t the case and no emergency surgery was needed.  I spent that night in hospital and was free to go home a day later, but not without this nice little contraption pictured in the photo above. 

For almost 7 months, I was required to where this chest/back brace to allow the vertebrae to heal.  I obviously wasn’t able to do any of my normal activities that I had been doing for years; mountain bike racing, cycling, rock climbing, running or anything.  I went from being an extremely active person that did some type of athletic activity on a daily basis, to nothing and dealing with constant pain in my body!  

This was very difficult, physically, mentally and emotionally! 

I would often sit on the edge of my bed in tears from the physical pain I was experiencing, as well as the emotional/mental trauma I was dealing with. 

The why me questions came up often.   

Why did this happen?   

What am I going to do now?  

How do I get through this? 

I had to buy several extra-large button down shirts to fit over the brace and hope that people wouldn’t notice that I was wearing it.  

I was trying to conceal and hide the fact that I was so injured.  Often, I’d be talking with people and they didn’t even know that I was standing there with 4 fractured vertebrae and wearing a back brace.  I didn’t want to let on about my pain or injuries, because it made me feel weak and vulnerable and I wanted to be strong. 

Approximately 10 months after my accident and about 3 months after I had stopped wearing my brace, a good friend of mine had moved back to Southern California after being in Boulder, CO to become a Certified Rolf Practitioner.   He needed a temporary place to live, so he moved in with me and began explaining to me what Rolf Structural Integration was all about.  He asked me how I was doing in my body and I told him I felt horrible.  I felt like my body was just so stuck and not in a good place. I had yet to resume any of my normal activities, because of where I was at in my body and the mental/emotional state that I was in, I fell into a depression. 

My friend told me that I really needed to try Rolf SI and explained that it would help me start the process of working through much of pain in my body.   After some uncertainty, I finally agreed to do my first session with him. 

Wow....what a difference!   

I’m not going to lie, it was intense as he worked on the left shoulder that I had broken and at times hard for me to let go, but it was always a good intensity. When the session was over and I stood up, there was a significant change in my body, my breathing and range of motion.  

I was breathing again, in a way that I hadn’t done since before my accident.   

He and Rolf SI, had given me my breathe back and I couldn’t believe the change I felt! 

At that point, I was already hooked and told him if I could feel this good after one session, then I wanted to find out how I’d feel after doing the entire 10 series of Rolf SI!  

I did the 10 series of Rolf Structural Integration and it literally changed my life!    I continued to get better and better after each session and as the weeks went by, things in my body kept shifting and changing, which was sometimes very odd, but always resulted in a good feeling. 

I’m here to tell you, this work helped me get out of pain and gave me my life back!   It changed my life! 

Rolf SI allowed me to get back to mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, trail running and all the activities that I’d done before my accident. 

Rolf Structural Integration actually resulted in taking me to a place in my body that was better than I had ever felt even before my accident.  It gave me a better awareness of my body, allowed me to get in touch with what was going on and learn to feel and process things within me. I feel taller, more aligned, balanced, comfortable and move and function better in my body. 

This experience has been so profound and impactful to me and  is what inspired and motivated me to change my career. I became a Rolf Practitioner, so I could help people feel better in their body and start the process of them healing and getting their life back!  I want people to feel these same profound experiences in their body, the way I do in mine. 

I believe whole heartedly in this work and know that it will change your life and help get you out of pain, because I’m living proof of it! 

In June 2014, I completed my first 50 mile trail running race in Bryce Canyon, Utah and followed this up in Sept. 2014 by finishing my first 100 mile trail running race through the mountain in Steamboat Springs, CO. I ran 108 miles non-stop for 33hrs, 15mins and I’m able to do these big accomplishments, because I’m living and functioning pain free in my body!  

My point is, there is life after injuries and you can get out of pain again too! 

Let us show you what this work will do for you and how it will give you your life back?!    

All the best.