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The Rolf Burds

 Scott and Carolyn Burd - Certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners providing service n Boulder and Denver!

About The Rolf Burds

Scott & Carolyn Burd, The Rolfing Burds, Rolfing in Denver

The Rolf Burds, Certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners, Scott & Carolyn Burd. 

Conveniently located in the very modern and hip LoHi area, just a short distance from Downtown Denver and the New Union Station. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best professional, caring service and experience that will assist you in feeling better in your body and get you back on the road to overall health and wellness.

We will do our very best to make a connection with you and work with you to help you find and realize the benefits of Rolfing and how it can help you lead a happier, healthier life. 

Why us?

We’ve been where you are in your body!  We’ve experienced the pain, stresses, restrictions and what it can do to your quality of life! 

We want to help you move past that and lead a better quality of life and improve your overall health and wellness again.  

And as a husband and wife team, we are able to offer our clients a greater flexibility of using either practitioner to best serve our clients needs.  Many of our clients will often do sessions with each of us, which allows them to get the valuable experience of two different practitioners, both committed to helping the client obtain the overall goal of better health and well-being and freedom for the pain and stresses that have been affecting them. 

As our continued desire to help our clients get out of pain, we are continuing to expand our knowledge, understanding and skill levels and are currently in the process of becoming Certified CranioSacral & Visceral Manipulation Therapist(follow link to learn more). 

There is a better quality of life out there without pain and we WILL help you find it!